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​Conceptual Understanding · Logical-reasoning · Excellence in Mathematics

Effective and quality Mathematics tuition according to the latest MOE (Ministry of Education) syllabus for Primary, Secondary and JC students structured by ex MOE Teacher

Primary · Secondary · Junior College

PSLE, IP, IB, O-levels, N-levels and A-levels

Math Note Learning Centre specialises in providing quality Math tuition to Primary, IP/O-level, IB, N-level and A level students.

We have helped over 800 students achieving excellent results in Mathematics.

Small Class Sizes, Big Improvements

🌟 Student-Teacher Ratios 🌟

Primary: 4:1

Secondary/JC: 6:1

Structured Curriculum planned by Ex School Teacher and Co-author of Primary Textbook (International Cambridge Syllabus)

The lessons at Math Note is structured by ex school teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience and the co-author for a primary textbook series by Marshall Cavendish for International Cambridge syllabus. 

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Subjects Offering
We specialise in the different Mathematics syllabus from Primary to Junior College level.
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  • Primary 1 to 6 Math



  • Secondary 1 to 5

  • Integrated Program

  • O level

  • N level

  • IB

Graphical representation of math functio
  • A level H1 Math

  • A level H2 Math

Leading the Pack for P6 Students
Sec 1 Head Start Program

Are you a P6 student gearing up for the thrilling leap to secondary school?

Do you dream of setting yourself apart and being ahead of your peers in Math, all while learning in an intimate setting that focuses on your individual needs?


Look no further!


Our Sec 1 Head Start Math Class is tailor-made for you.

Your Path to Success: Stay Ahead, Embrace Small Classes, and Follow the Sec 1 Syllabus Closely!

Get Ahead of the Curve:

Our program is designed to place P6 students miles ahead of their peers, ensuring you are confidently prepared for secondary school. You will be the math expert in your class from day one!

Small Class, Big Impact:

With a class size of just 4 students on average, you'll experience a close-knit, interactive learning environment. Your questions will be answered, your doubts clarified, and your progress closely monitored.


Aligned with Sec 1 Syllabus:

Our classes closely follow the MOE Sec 1 syllabus. This means you are always in sync with what is being taught in school, making your transition seamless and your knowledge rock-solid.

📚 What We Cover: 

  • Prime Numbers and Prime FactorisationExplore the fascinating world of prime numbers and their crucial role in Mathematics.

  • IntegersMaster the essentials of integers, negative numbers and orders of operations providing a solid foundation for advanced Math topics.

  • AlgebraDive into the exciting world of Algebra, learning to solve equations, simplify expressions, and work with variables.

  • Linear GraphsDevelop the skills to graph linear equations and interpret graphs, enabling you to tackle real-world problems effortlessly.

🌠 Secure Your Place at the Front of the Class! Enroll Today! 🌠

Our Sec 1 Headstart Math Class is your key to being leaps and bounds ahead of your peers in Mathematics.


Join our small, focused group of like-minded students and start your journey towards Mathematical excellence.

Don't wait too long – seats are limited! Reserve your spot now and embark on your path to Mathematical success.


Contact us at 82187192 to enroll in our Sec 1 Headstart Math Class and secure your position as the math trailblazer of your class!

🚀 Be the Leader of the Math Pack! 🚀

📆 Course Duration: now till December

🕒 Class Duration: 2 Hours per Session


💰 Pricing Details:

  • Standard Price: $75 per 2-hour lesson 

  • Materials Fee $20 (waived)

  • Bring a Friend and Save: Get $50 off per student


🌟 Here's how it works:

  1. Enroll for our head-start program.

  2. Attend our engaging 2-hour lessons every week.

  3. Bring a friend with you, and both of you will receive a fantastic $50 discount per student!

🌟 Supercharge Your Math Skills With Our Sec 3/4 A/E Math Headstart Program! 🌟

Are Logarithm, Trigonometry, Differentiation, and Integration creating roadblocks in your math journey? Our intensive Sec 3/4 Additional and Elementary Math Head-start Program is the solution you've been looking for! 

Sec 34 HeadStart.png

🔹 What We Offer:

  • 📚 In-Depth Focus: Dive into Logarithm, Trigonometry, Differentiation, and Integration with expert guidance.

  • 👩‍🏫 Experienced Tutor: Learn from Ex MOE teacher who is dedicated to your success.

  • 📊 Small Class Sizes: Benefit from personalised attention in our limited class sizes of average 6 students.

  • 📆 Duration: Each lesson is 2 hours.

  • ⏰ From Now Until December

  • 📘 Materials Fee: $20 materials fee is waived


💰  Pricing:

  • 💲 $90 per Lesson

  • 💲 Special Offer: Bring a friend, and both of you enjoy $50 off per student


🌈 Advantages of Our Program:

  • 🎯 Catch Up and Get Ahead: Tailored to meet your unique needs, whether you're catching up or aiming to stay ahead.

  • 📈 Master Complex Topics: Gain a deep understanding of Logarithm, Trigonometry, Differentiation, and Integration, ensuring exam success.

  • 🏆 Achieve Excellence: Improve your math grades and set yourself up for a bright future.


📢 Don't Miss Out:

  • Enroll now and be part of our Sec 3/4 A/E Math Headstart Program, where your math skills will soar to new heights before the year ends!

 Why Choose us for Math Tuition to Help Your Child Excel in Mathematics

Apple for IP/O-level Math Note

15 Years of Experience

Our centre prides itself in our 15 years of teaching and interacting with students. The curriculum and materials provided at Math Note are all personally written, and are constantly updated to keep up with the latest MOE syllabus.

Happy student showing very good grade for IP/O-level Math Note

81% A or Bs in PSLE/IB/O/A-levels

Our students have achieved excellent results that have enabled them to pursue the courses of their dreams in established Polytechnics or Junior colleges, and eventually university.

Happy Asian school kid graduate thinking with  graduation cap_edited.jpg

Dedicated and Specialised Attention Provided

Here at Math Note, we cater to all our student’s needs by providing specialised attention.

Our dedicated and patient teachers ensure this by providing personal and immediate feedback to our students on their performance, allowing our students to learn from their mistakes and excel quickly.


Colorful geometric shapes set for IP/O-level Math Note

900+ Students Taught and Improved

Having taught and interacted with over 900 students, our rich experiences are the stepping stones in your child’s path to excellence in Mathematics.

Rocket good result for IP/O-level Math Note

91% Improvement Rate Within 3 Months

With an overall 91% improvement rate, join us and become one of our students who are able to drastically improve their Math grades in just 3 months.


Three Cute Kids

 Small Student-Teacher Ratios

Discover the power of focused learning at Math Note.

 With a primary student-teacher ratio of 4:1 and a secondary/JC ratio of 6:1, we provide personalised attention that paves the way for academic excellence. Your child's success begins with the right balance.

Our S.M.A.R.T. Curriculum

The S.M.A.R.T. approach is a structured and systematic plan developed by ex MOE teacher with over 17 years of teaching experience to improve your child's Mathematics!


mall Student-Teacher Ratio

With an average of 4 students per class, your child will be able to receive an effective learning experience. Through these small classes, our teachers are able to attend to your child’s needs with individualised attention. 


We are here to help your child achieve the best!




At Math Note, students will learn how to approach and solve Mathematical questions through different methods. We understand that ensuring the attention of our students is important, thus, the learning methods that are taught are catered to each individual student’s needs and abilities. 


After being taught these methods, you need not worry about your child’s homework as our easily digestible methods will ensure they can tackle these Math problems with a breeze!



Analysis of Strengths and Weakness

Our experienced tutors are able to provide students with feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we provide solutions to allow our students to improve in the areas they are lacking. Ultimately, these help them to do well on their exams. This is effectively shown from how more than 90% of our students have shown significant improvements through this feedback system.


When you know which area your child needs help on, it becomes easy to excel in studies!



egularity and Consistency in Topic

Students need to revise what they have learnt in order to effectively grasp it. We have found that when students are learning regularly and consistently, more than 95% of our students develop the confidence to solve complicated topics. 

We provide the support your child needs to get a firm grasp of the subject through having small quizzes and tests at least once a term.


Consistently visiting the old topics through these quizzes can be a great way to reinforce their learning as it helps students retain information, allowing them to easily recall it when needed to solve problems.



echniques For Exam Preparation

Through the class sessions and regular practices, your child will pick up the techniques needed for exam preparation. Mathematics can be so much fun if the right techniques and formulas are followed for the preparation of exams.


We understands that it requires a lot of time and patience for a student to get a grasp on certain topics, and our centre will be able to help you learn mathematics in a systematic and structured way.

Guiding your Child to Excellence in Mathematics
Find out more on how we can work together to help your child improve in Mathematics
We encourage Critical-thinking

"If a ship has 26 sheep and 10 goats on board, how old is the ship's captain?"

Math Tuition Programme at Math Note Learning Centre

Join us to discover how our programme can benefit your child in Mathematics

Efficient and Simplified Math Problem Solving Methods

Students will be taught how to apply our in-house problem-solving technique on their steps and workings to simplify the way they solve Math problems.


Through our programme, your child will learn how to avoid common mistakes as well as  provide clear presentations, preventing confusion and reducing the chances of making careless mistakes during their Math exams.

Little cute girl playing with a cardboar

Relevant and Easy-to-Understand Revision Materials

Our Math tuition materials such as topical notes, summary notes, practice worksheets, revision exercises and tutorials are presented and structured in a clear and direct way to help your child in their revision.


To strengthen and hone your child’s understanding of Mathematical concepts and techniques, there will be short quizzes and time practices to reinforce what they have learnt. Additionally, our centre provides mock tests and exams to prepare our students for their upcoming school examinations every term, ensuring their performance under exam conditions.

Portrait of happy little asian girl thum

Patient and Dedicated Tutors

Our tutors are trained and patient in helping our students.


Your child will receive concepts and methods through clear and comprehensible explanations. Students will be taught the reason behind each step so that they are able to apply what they have learnt in the exam, and not just memorise the steps taught by our dedicated tutors.

  Trial Lesson Available

Register with us now for a trial lesson to experience the fun in learning Mathematics

What people say about Math Note
Find out more from parents and students who has joined us

I joined Math Note few weeks before my SA2 when I was in Sec 2. I was very stress and Miss Chua helped me to revise the topics systematically.


She could identity my weak area and gave me advices on how to improve on them.


She always ask me which topic I needed help in and would prepare worksheets and notes just for me. I received A1 for both my A/E math for my O levels and I am still with Miss Chua for my JC H2 math.

Charlene Tan,
JC1, Tampines Meridian Junior College
Find out more about us from the articles that we are featured in.

Enquiry About Our Programmes or Registration

Find out more on how can we help your child to excel in Mathematics!

Contact us to find out more on our programmes. 
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