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5 Tips on How to Improve Math by Practicing

Mathematics is all around us. In many schools Mathematics is considered the hardest subject of all. Since Math is associated with Technology, Science and Engineering some students find it very difficult to solve problems or just lose interest.

Here are a few ways in which your child can practice and improve Mathematics.

1. Going Through Past Year Exam papers

Going through past year exam papers helps your child to familiarise with current exam trends. Going through more of the past year exam questions reduces stress over what to be expected in the paper.

Thinking and working on Math questions takes more time than most subjects and there is the risk of time lapsing before finishing the paper. Practicing without the pressure of an invigilator will improve a student’s confidence in time management. Using past papers gives one the ability to know which questions have more marks and those deserve more time than those with fewer.

We often hear students losing marks in exam or test due to presentation. Practicing past year papers also helps students to get used to the style and hence better present their workings. Showing the workings neatly helps to give a better impression to the markers and help them identify areas to award the marks. This also minimises the risks of the markers missing out areas that marks should be awarded.

Past year exam papers allow exposure and this helps in a number of ways. One learns how different questions are set. How the same questions are set differently and how to solve math problems in a number of different ways. In our centre we expose students to the different styles and structures of current exam syllabus questions.

2. Application of Math to Daily Life

Comparing a problem to the daily things we engage in can help one change their perception in Mathematics. This also shows how Math is important in life and can ignite interest and motivation to study the subject.

For example we can use vectors to tell the shortest distance to cover and probability to estimate the result of something or in risk taking ventures like gambling. Using this method has changed a lot of our student perception about Math.

3. Making Room for a Student’s Curiosity and Questions

A curious student learns more due to their willingness and ability to ask questions. In Math Note, our tutors encourage curiosity and welcome students to ask questions.

For a student to do well in Math, they should not only pay attention but also seek for clarity where they do not understand. Our tutors encourage participation, therefore our students have no problem asking for help when they are stuck at a question.

4. Solving a Variety of Problems

We have always known that practice makes perfect. This is true when it comes to Mathematics. We endeavour to know the specific questions troubling a student.

When a student finds it difficult to solve a certain type of problem, it is wise to do more questions of the same type for better understanding. Solving more questions helps one get more comfortable and the level of difficulty reduces.

5. Creating Good Ambiance for Study with Minimal Distractions

Concentration is a very crucial aspect when it comes to understanding Math. A good quiet environment to study from could be the solution to understanding difficult problems.

A relaxing environment like listening to BGM jazz music or quiet area can enhance understanding and allow maximum concentration. Loud music or noisy music on the other hand can be a great distraction. Our tuition centre provides a good environment that is conducive for learning for all our students.

Generally one can only perfect their Math skills by practicing and exposing themselves to more problems and the different styles of question setting. Math Note provides good practice materials and with our qualified tutors, we can help your child to improve and excel in Mathematics. Please fill free to contact us to find out more information on our programme.


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