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Tutor of IP/O-level Math Note

(Credit: Portrait by Erica Lim, ex-student)

Math Note was established by Miss Ayassa Chua, with the mission in mind to help students who have difficulty in Math to excel and gain confidence in the subject. Miss Chua graduated with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, NTU and Post-graduate Diploma in Education for Mathematics and Physics, NIE.


Miss Ayassa Chua was a former MOE school teacher. During her experience in teaching in the school, she realised that students require notes that are clear and concise for better conceptual understanding. Therefore, she tried to think of a systematic approach to help students understand Mathematical concepts better.


She realised that students usually stumbled in minor steps when solving problems and they would feel demoralised and frustrated. As a result, the students gave up on solving them. She thought if only there are guidance or notes to help the students in these small steps, they would be able to solve the whole question by completely themselves. This started her to write small notes on essential steps to help her students.


Initially she was writing simple summary notes to explain key concepts and common mistakes that students made. She gave it to some of her weaker students during remedial. She realised that the responses from students were very positive and it helped her students to learn better. As a result, she began to write for more and more topics. They were written based on her teaching experience and interaction with students. The notes were written from students’ perspectives. Her notes were updated and refined constantly to keep up with the change in the MOE syllabus.


Miss Ayassa Chua realised that she could helped more students with her notes, not limited to the school that she was teaching in, and together with the idea of having a smaller class size so that students would have more attention from the teacher, Math Note was established.


Miss Ayassa has been teaching for over 15 years. Her students are from different stream and level, ranging from IP Math, O-level A/E Math N-level A/E Math to JC H1/H2 Math. More than 600 students benefited from her notes and over 90% of her students has gotten As/Bs in their final examination.

"Get the best out of it all the more when you fall."

Tutor and student for IP/O-level Math Note

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