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Math Note's Story

Find out how did we begin and what can we do to help your child's learning journey in Mathematics

Tutor of IP/O-level Math Note

(Credit: Portrait by Erica Lim, ex-student)

Stage 1: Founding Math Note and Identifying the Need


Math Note, a brainchild of Miss Ayassa Chua, emerged with a heartfelt mission: to empower students who struggle with Math, igniting within them the confidence to excel in this subject. With a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from NTU and a Post-graduate Diploma in Education for Mathematics and Physics from NIE, Miss Chua's educational background equipped her with the knowledge and skills to embark on this meaningful endeavor.

Drawing from her experience as a former MOE school teacher, Miss Chua recognized a pressing need for clear and concise notes that would facilitate students' conceptual understanding. Determined to make a difference, she diligently developed a systematic approach that proved immensely effective in helping students grasp mathematical concepts with greater ease.

In her interactions with students, Miss Chua observed how even the slightest stumbling block in problem-solving would often lead to demoralization and frustration. Witnessing their disheartenment, she ardently wished for a guiding light, a beacon of support that would empower students to overcome these hurdles and conquer problems independently. This heartfelt aspiration inspired her to pen down essential steps and guidance, forming the bedrock of Math Note's exceptional materials.

Stage 2: Development of Comprehensive and Effective Materials

Initially, Miss Chua crafted simple summary notes elucidating key concepts and highlighting common mistakes made by her students. To her delight, when she shared these notes with her weaker students during remedial sessions, their response was overwhelmingly positive.


The notes became a catalyst for enhanced learning, bolstering their understanding significantly. Encouraged by this transformative impact, Miss Chua devoted herself to producing similar notes for a wide range of topics. Drawing from her teaching experience and empathizing with students' perspectives, her notes became a comprehensive resource, consistently updated to align with changes in the MOE syllabus.


Additionally, Miss Chua's expertise extends to co-authoring the Primary Cambridge syllabus textbook, workbook, and teacher's guide for Marshall Cavendish.

Sample of the book can be found here

Stage 3: Expanding Impact and Achieving Exceptional Results

Driven by the desire to reach out to more students beyond the confines of her own classroom, Miss Ayassa Chua realized that her notes possessed the potential to benefit countless others. With the vision of providing smaller class sizes, enabling teachers to offer individual attention to students, Math Note was born.

With over 19 years of teaching experience, Miss Ayassa Chua has guided students from diverse streams and academic levels, spanning IP Math, O-level A/E Math, N-level A/E Math, and JC H1/H2 Math. To date, more than 800 students have reaped the benefits of her notes, with an impressive 90% achieving A and B grades in their final examinations.


Entrust your child's mathematical journey to Miss Ayassa Chua's structured lessons and meticulously crafted materials, and witness their first steps toward conquering Mathematics in a fun and effortless manner. Together, let's pave the way to a brighter mathematical future!

"If it's not challenging, it doesn't change anything."

Tutor and student for IP/O-level Math Note

How Can Math Note Help You

Find out what Math Note can do to help your child achieve the desired grade.

One student for IP/O-level Math Note

Math Note Learning Model

The learning model specially developed by Math Note to effectively produce results.

Two students for IP/O-level Math Note

Structure of Lesson in Math Note

Our structured lesson will help and guide your child progressively to improve the results,

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Alternatively, we can be reached by email themathnote@gmail or call/text/whatsapp 82187192

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