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How Can Math Note Help You

We believe that every child can excel in Mathematics. From curriculum to physical environment, we strive to give the best for your child.

6 Reasons to Join Math Note Tuition Centre to Improve Your Child's Grade

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Excellent Results

Our students have a consistent and good track record with at least 75% attaining A and Bs in their final examination.

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Small Tuition Class Size 

Your child is guaranteed to receive individualised attention from the tutor in our small group classes, ensuring that effective learning can take place in every single lesson.

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One-to-One Setting

Math Note provides notes and worksheets catered specifically for each individual student. Each student will receive a customised set of materials that is different from their peers, allowing the student to work on their own specific areas that require improvement.


We are able to help build our student's confidence in Math through these methods because we are able to empathise and understand that different students face difficulties in differing aspects.

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Quality Revision Materials

We provide lesson materials and notes that are consistently updated according to the latest MOE syllabus as well as design our materials based on years of teaching experience and interaction with students. 

Every concept is presented in a clear and structured way to guide our students effectively, ensuring that they can still comprehend it even during self-revision.

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Structured Lesson Methodology

Every lesson is structured to deliver a specific learning objective and/or concept.

​Lessons are carefully planned to help students to retain what they have learnt, allowing them to easily recall the Mathematical methods and concepts during examinations.

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Positive and Encouraging Learning Environment

Our centre establishes a friendly, positive and encouraging learning environment both physically and psychologically.


Students are motivated to persevere and never give up in solving problems, even when they encounter difficulties.

With our expertise in IP Math, A/E Math O-level, N-level and H1/H2 Math syllabus, we impart our knowledge and guide your child to excellence in Mathematics 

Trial Lesson Available

Contact us to arrange for a lesson

What people say about Math Note

I joined Math Note few weeks before my SA2 when I was in Sec 2. I was very stress and Miss Chua helped me to revise the topics systematically.


She could identity my weak area and gave me advices on how to improve on them.


She always ask me which topic I needed help in and would prepare worksheets and notes just for me. I received A1 for both my A/E math for my O levels and I am still with Miss Chua for my JC H2 math.

Charlene Tan,

JC1, Tampines Meridian Junior College

Contact Us For Our Programmes or Registration

Alternatively, we can be reached by email themathnote@gmail or call/text/whatsapp 82187192

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