Math Note Teaching and Learning Model

Find out more about how our teaching and learning model can help your child to excel in Mathematics in our tuition programmes

  • Through our structured Mathematical curriculum, learners will develop analytical thinking and computational skills while employing the arts of applied Mathematics across different fields.

  • Providing an inclusive and integrative mathematically rich curriculum which emphasizes crucial understanding of mathematical concepts and application within and beyond the classroom.

Core Principles
  • All registered students irrespective of backgrounds are given equal access to a high-quality knowledge in Mathematical topics.

  • Students are encouraged to explore the versatility in the Mathematical fields, utilizing various methods of reasoning and technique when approaching challenging intellectual inquiries with the guide of highly skilled educators.

  • Bidirectional communication between educators and students ensures that both parties are participative and reflective problem solvers while creating an engaging environment for knowledge transfer and sharing within the classroom.

Professional Dispositions of Our Educators
  • Each educator should treat every student as an intellectual asset and skilfully guide them to autonomously participate in problem solving within the Mathematical context.

  • ​Educators will put effective and successful professional communication as a key tool to instil interest of Mathematics within young and diverse learners while displaying flexibility and adaptability in the classroom.

  • Demonstration of professional ethics and demeanour through appearance, positive attitude and nourishing character is expected from each educator to mirror parents' trusts on these skilful individuals to tutor their children.

  • Educators will engage in continuous learning with enthusiasm in the field of Mathematics to ensure highly relevant approaches to mathematical concepts are shared within the classroom.

Features of Our Teaching Tools
New Idea for IP/O-level Math Note

Conceptual Understanding

Students will be provided with updated notes and materials according to their syllabus. Every topic of the notes include easy-to-understand explanations, clear and well-defined diagrams and worked examples.

Pink balloon for IP/O-level Math Note

Learning Environment

Students will be immersed in a positive and encouraging learning environment. Each student will be motivated and allowing them to cultivate perseverance in our classroom.

Handwriting for IP/O-level Math Note

Practices and Applications

Worksheets with questions are specially prepared with different level of difficulties, gradually increasing to higher-order thinking questions to stretch the student's potential.

Students will be exposed to different types of exam questions to trigger their logical-thinking skill to handle tricky questions during exams.

Concepts are constantly reinforced during our lesson to build a strong Mathematical foundation.

Pencil for IP/O-level Math Note

Assessments and Evaluation

Every student will be given actual examination questions for practice, small quizzes, test and mock exams. Our lessons are structured so that the student will focused and personalised feedbacks on areas for improvement are constantly provided during lesson.

Math Note's 3 Elements for Effective Learning

We provide 3 main elements to your child for effective learning to take place in our classroom.


Quality in-house Notes

Our notes are crafted primarily based on years of actual classroom teaching experience and method to assist your child's conceptual understanding.

Logical-thinking Stimulating Worksheets

The questions in the worksheets are specially planned to stimulate your child's brain and develop logical-thinking to handle difficult questions during exam.

Clear and Concise Teaching

We are rich in classroom teaching experience and have the aptitude to provide clear and concise explanations to your child. We focus on individual child's learning needs and give prompt feedback to correct misconceptions.