Secondary 2

Prepare your child with excellent Mathematical skills with our Secondary 2 programme.

Our Secondary 2 curriculum is designed to help your child to acquire an in-dept knowledge on Mathematical application technique. This is essential to prepare your child for more complex problem-solving for Upper Secondary.

We offer programmes for IP, IB, O-level and N-level syllabus. The topics will vary according to your child's school syllabus,

For Integrated Program (IP) students, the content coverage will be similar to O-level track students. However, they might be introduced to some Upper Secondary topics in advance. These topics will also be covered in our course.

  • Ratio and proportion

  • Algebraic expressions and formulae

  • Functions and graphs

  • Equations and inequalities

  • Congruence and similarity

  • Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry

  • Coordinate geometry

  • Data analysis

  • Probability

  • Problems in real-world contexts

Topic Outline

Each topic includes:

  • Comprehensive revision notes 

  • Worksheets on questions on different level of difficulties.

  • Challenging revision questions

Each term includes:

  • Topical revision Papers

  • Mock Exam/Test Papers

Students will:

  • develop the ability to recognise similar type of questions

  • acquire the logical reasoning skill to solve questions

  • practice good working presentation

  • develop good habit of self-checking on incorrect steps

Course Contents

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