Secondary 1 Mathematics

Start building a solid and strong Mathematical foundation for your child with our Secondary 1 programme.

Our Secondary 1 curriculum is designed to help your child for transition from Primary School to Secondary School Mathematics. Our curriculum is structured to guide your child to adapt to the change in the syllabus and method of solving problems, and to have a good foundation for the Secondary syllabus.

We offer programmes for IP, IB, O-level and N-level syllabus. The topics will vary according to your child's school syllabus,

For Integrated Program (IP) students, the content coverage will be similar to O-level track students. However, they might be introduced to some Secondary 2 topics in advance. These topics will also be covered in our course.

Topic Outline
  • Numbers and their operations

  • Ratio and proportion

  • Percentage

  • Rate and speed

  • Algebraic expressions and formulae

  • Functions and graphs

  • Equations and inequalities

  • Angles, triangles and polygons

  • Mensuration

  • Data handling and analysis

  • Problems in real- world contexts

Course Contents

Each topic includes:

  • Comprehensive revision notes 

  • Worksheets on questions on different level of difficulties.

  • Challenging revision questions

Each term includes:

  • Topical revision Papers

  • Mock Exam/Test Papers

Students will:

  • develop the ability to recognise similar type of questions

  • acquire the logical reasoning skill to solve questions

  • practice good working presentation

  • develop good habit of self-checking on incorrect steps

Sample Learning Notes

Explanations with easy-to-understand diagrams to help students to understand and remember easily

Simple and clear instructions to guide students to have good workings and presentations.

Examples from actual O level papers to prepare students in advance.

"My son's Math was not good in Primary school and we are afraid that he is not able to cope in Secondary school. That's how we found Math Note Learning Centre and my son is currently doing well in his Mathematics in school. We are very happy and hope that he is able to continue this until Sec 4. Thank you, Miss Chua."

Mrs Angela Lim, Parent of Lim Wei Jun, Sec 1

Punggol Secondary School

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