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 Mathematics tuition in Ang Mo Kio (home-based) according to the latest MOE (Ministry of Education) syllabus for Primary, Secondary and JC students conducted personally by ex MOE Teacher, Miss Ayassa Chua


PSLE, IP, IB, O-levels, N-levels and A-levels

Math Note Learning Centre specialises in providing quality Math tuition to Primary, IP/O-level, IB, N-level and A level students.

We have helped over 600 students achieving excellent results in Mathematics.

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  • Primary 1 to 6 Math



  • Secondary 1 to 5

  • Integrated Program

  • O level

  • N level

  • IB

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Junior College

  • A level H1 Math

  • A level H2 Math

3+1 Reasons to choose us for Math Tuition to Help Your Child Excel in Mathematics

15 Years of Experience

15 years of teaching and curriculum writing of our own materials based on latest MOE syllabus and classroom interaction with students

98% Improvement Within 2 Months

Join us and be one of the students who improves. 

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600+ Students

Having taught and interacted with over 600 students, we are able to propel your child to excellence in Mathematics with our rich experience

100% A/Bs in 2019 PSLE, O levels and IP year 4 Exam

Our students have achieved excellent results that enabled them to pursue the course of their dreams in poly or JC and eventually university.

The S.M.A.R.T. Approach 

by Miss Ayassa Chua

The S.M.A.R.T. approach is a structured and systematic plan developed by Miss Ayassa Chua to improve your child's Mathematics!


mall Student-Teacher Ratio

With a small class size of an average of 3 students, your child will be receiving an effective learning experience as the teacher is able to provide individualized attention to your child.


We are here for your help!



In Math Note, students learn the approach and different methods to solve Mathematic questions. We understand that to grab the attention of students, it is important that the learning method is as per standard of each individual student.


You need not worry about the homework your child is receiving as we are here to provide the right support for understanding Mathematics.


nalysis Of Strength And Weakness

Our experienced tutor is able to provide students feedback on their strengths and weakness. In addition, we provide solutions to improve in the area where they lacking to help them do well for exams. More than 90% of our student shown significant improvements from our feedbacks.


When you know which area your child needs improvement, it would be easy to excel in studies.


egularity And Consistency In Topic

Students need to revise what they have learned. We believe that small quizzes and tests at least once a term can be a great way to reinforce learning. Consistently visiting the old topics can help the students to retain information and use it when needed.


We found out that when the students are learning regularly and with consistency, 95% and above of our students gain the confidence to solve complicated topics. We provide the support your child needs to get a firm grasp of the subject.


echniques For Exam Preparation

Through the class sessions and regular practices, your child learn the techniques for exam preparation. It takes a lot of time and patience to get a grasp on a certain topic.


Mathematics can be so much fun if the right techniques and formulas are followed for the preparation of exams. We are able to help you learn mathematics in a systematic and structured way.

Guiding your Child to Excellence in Math
We encourage Critical-thinking

"If a ship has 26 sheep and 10 goats on board, how old is the ship's captain?"

Math Tuition Programme at Math Note Learning Centre


Efficient and Simplified Math Problem Solving Methods

Students will be taught how to apply our in-house technique on their steps and workings to simplified the way they solve the Math problem.


Your child will learn to avoid common mistakes and messy presentations which may lead to confusion and hence reduce the chances of making careless mistakes during Math exam.

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Relevant and Easy-to-Understand Revision Materials

Our Math tuition materials such as topical notes, summary notes, practice worksheets, revision exercises and tutorials are structured and presented in an easy-to-understand format to help your child in revision.


There will also be short quizzes and time practices to reinforce what your child have learnt to strengthen their Mathematical concepts and techniques. 

In addition, your child will receive mock test and mock exam to prepare them for tests/examinations every term.

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Experienced NIE-trained Math Tutor

Your chill will receive explanation, concepts and methods to in a clear and easy-to-understand approach.

Students will learn the reason behind each step so that they will be able to apply what they have learnt in exam questions and not just memorising the steps.

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What people say about Math Note

I joined Math Note few weeks before my SA2 when I was in Sec 2. I was very stress and Miss Chua helped me to revise the topics systematically.


She could identity my weak area and gave me advices on how to improve on them.


She always ask me which topic I needed help in and would prepare worksheets and notes just for me. I received A1 for both my A/E math for my O levels and I am still with Miss Chua for my JC H2 math.

Charlene Tan,
JC1, Tampines Meridian Junior College

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