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The Importance of Math in Shaping Character Your Child's Character

If it were up to most students, Mathematics would be eliminated from the curriculum due to the misconception that it is difficult and inapplicable to their lives. However, math is the backbone of most careers and is still applicable to our daily lives, as discussed below.

Develops Logical Thinking Skills

According to The New York Times, an experiment on university students revealed that studying mathematics at advanced college and high school increased logical reasoning, enhancing analytical skills. Therefore, teenagers who are good in Math can quickly reason that however tempting it is to play with friends, finishing their homework should be the priority.

Being Systematic in Daily Life

In Math, teachers are more interested in how students arrive at their answers more than the solution itself. Therefore, all workings used to solve the question must be shown in an orderly manner since it also earns them some marks. Consequently, in daily life, students learn the importance of being orderly, thus developing habits such as making the bed upon waking up and putting their clothes away in the closet. They are used to having orderly system in their daily life even outside their textbooks.

Better Time Management Skills

Most students are engaged in co-curricular activities and attending a lot of other courses outside school. However, no teacher will excuse a student who is habitually late in submitting homework or incomplete work because the student has been attending basketball practices; or busy with the planning for their CCA as a committee member. It will be up to the student to know exactly how much time to spend on a particular activity to avoid missing out on another. Students who are good in Math will be more conscious about the time they have in their hand and better manage them.

Improved Problem-solving Skills

Math is designed to find solutions to problems, and if the students can understand what the problem is, they will push themselves until they know the answer. It helps students to think outside the box because they are already used to solving tough questions. They will be more resilience in any tough situation they will be facing in their life. This is because they will be trained to solve it instead of just feeling helpless.

Increased Self-confidence

A study conducted in Singapore showed a positive relationship between math performance and self-confidence. Therefore, a student who is sure of his/her math abilities is more likely to translate that confidence to everyday life. Improved self-confidence also means that the student's communication skills will be much better because he/she is not afraid to articulate his/her thoughts. A person who is more confident is likely to be successful in life.

The importance of Math in shaping character is undeniable. This discipline plays an important role in early development and remains applicable through later stage in life. That is the reason why to have a good foundation in Math is important. Our trained teachers will make Math that is complicated simple in your child’s learning. We embrace mistake and emphasize on learning. Sign up with us to allow us to help your child to improve and be a more confident student who is good at Math.


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