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How to Support Your Child during Exam Period

For most students, examination is a period full of stress and anxiety. This is understandable since they haven’t yet gone through most things like you have – the parent(s).

Therefore, you should employ utmost assistance during your child’s examination period. It should start as early as their math tuition sessions to ensure they have trust in your ways of calming them down.

Interestingly, according to research, 80% of students who enrolled for professional math tuition services performed better compared to students without professional help. There is incredible success for those students who get excellent math tuition services.

But to help you, below are some tips on how to support your child during exam period:

1. Strike a Balance between Revision and Recreational Time During the exam period, it’s obvious that your child needs time to revise. However, they also need some time to digest the knowledge and clear their mind of any pressure of the exams ahead.

2. Limit your Attention Don’t be that parent who pays extremely close attention to your child’s problems, especially at school. Your child has to learn some things individually, and more so, there are some problems you should trust them to solve for themselves.

3. Don’t Add to their Pressure Because your child is already full of anxiety and stress during exams, the worst thing you can do is adding to their stress. Note that it’s good to have a set target for their performance, but understand their potential first.

This ensures you don’t set the bars to high that they’ll only see themselves as disappointments if they fail.

4. Help them with Revision Helping your child study for exams doesn’t necessarily mean you teach them everything. You can play the role of a good parent by enrolling them in a math tuition program or any other subject as a way of supporting them during the exam period.


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