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Tips to Prepare Your Child for Math for the New School Term

As we approach a new year, you will want to encourage your child to do well in the coming year, particularly in Math, as it is one of the most important subjects your child is learning. Research has shown that one in four children is struggling with Math.

Here are some practical ways to help your child prepare for a new school term to help them to reach their potential.

Mental Preparation and Encouragements

As a parents, you can encourage your child to work hard from the beginning of the new term. During the holidays, you can ask your child what they have learned in the last term and help them to recap. This will help them to build on the concept in the following year.

When your child returns from school at the start of a new term, ask them what they have learned in school, offer praises where they have done well. Encourage your children to work hard from the beginning as this will help them to have a good start and increase their self confidence.

Well-Equipped with Stationeries

Ensure that your child is prepared with Math equipment needed before the start of the new school term. You may like to go shopping together for anything your child needs, such as stationery, calculator, ruler, protractor and compass to ensure that they are prepared for lessons.

Proper Nutrition for Your Child

To learn effectively, children need their nutrients. Vitamin B, C, and D3 are crucial for learning. The correct nutrients will help to improve your child’s focus and productivity.

Sign up with Math Note

If you feel that your child requires some extra help in Math, Math Note Tuition Centre can provide the support the need. Maths can be a tricky subject for some children, but with a little help and encouragement will help your child to succeed.

Math Note provides good quality lessons that are fun, engaging, and age-appropriate. To find out how we can help your child succeed in math, contact Math Note today at 82187192.

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