Frequently Asked Questions

We summarised some questions that we received from parents frequently for your reference.

Why does my child finds it hard to learn Mathematics

Majority of students find it hard to learn Mathematics due to two reasons. Firstly, weak in foundation since young and did not rectify it. Secondly, lack of understanding in the concept. Mathematics syllabus in Singapore is ‘spiral’ learning. This means that any new concept is built on pre-requisite concepts that students were taught in the lower levels. Therefore, it makes it even harder for student to learn new concepts if they do not understand the previous one. A very simple example to illustrate this would be, to understand x + x = 2 x, student must first understand 1 + 1 = 2 Hence, it would be better to seek help and rectify any misconception as early as possible. Math Note has a developed structured program to strengthen our students’ Mathematical skill step-by-step.

How come some of my friends' child are doing so good in Math but my child is not

This depends on how much time/effort the student is willing to put in. Some student requires more time than others but as long as the student has the motivation to work, the result will definitely be shown eventually.

Are there any ways to help if my child is not motivated and not interested in doing Math

We understand that students feel frustrated and that they are ‘stupid’ when they cannot solve a problem, this cause them to lose motivation and give up eventually. In Math Note, we provide an encouraging environment for our students. This is because we believe in our students and educate our students that is it though mistakes that we learn. We do our best to provide a ‘never-give-up’ environment for our students to excel in Mathematics. Over the years, Math Note has groomed numerous students from failing grades to obtaining distinctions for their final exams. Of course, this is after a period of determination, hard work and effort.

Why my child told me sometimes he/she can solve a certain question, sometimes he/she cannot

This means that fundamental Mathematical concept of the student is not strong. Student is solving the question purely from memory. Therefore, the student can only solve similar type of question but unable to apply the required concept when they encounter a different type of question. Math Note understands the issue that students are facing and our programs focus on building strong Mathematical concept and improve our students’ logical-thinking skill to help our students to solve different type of questions.

My child is working hard but the result is not showing

The student could be using the wrong approach in his/her revision. The student might have misconception all along but unaware of it since there is no one to correct him/her. What the student need is someone who can rectify their misconceptions and give them guidance on the crucial step and concept. Our notes and materials are carefully crafted based on years of experience. The concepts required for the syllabus are presented in a clear and simplified manner to help our students to understand them easily. Our practice questions are carefully planned so that our students have exposure to different type of exam questions.

My child cannot understand the teacher is talking about in class

A phrase often heard from student, ‘I asked the teacher to explain to me again but I still don’t understand.’ Not every student sees things from the same angle. If the teacher explain the first time to the student and the student doesn't understand, this means that student is not able to understand the problem from this particular approach. If the student ask again, and the teacher explain the same thing again. The result would be the same, i.e., the student still cannot understand.

A good teacher/tutor is able help the student trendmously in situation like this. Tutor from Math Note is experienced and able to explain the same concept using different approaches or prespective to help our students because we have encourtered situation like this at least a thousand times!

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