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Math Note Math Tuition

Ask any student and they will tell you a good teacher is very important. The tutor from Math Note is committed and provides clear and straight-to-the-point explanation. A student definitely needs strong mathematical concepts to do well in the subject, which we provide.

Conceptual Understanding

All tuition students will be given notes and materials with the content required of them for the whole syllabus. Every topic of the notes include easy-to-understand explanations, clear and well-defined diagrams and worked examples.

Practices and Applications

Questions are specially selected with different level of difficulties, starting from the basic and gradually increasing to higher-order thinking questions. 

Your child will be exposed to different type of questions to trigger their logical-thinking skills to handle 'tricky' questions by themselves during exam.

Concepts are constantly reinforced during tuition classes.

Learning Environment

Math Note provides a positive and encouraging learning environment for Math tuition. This is to ensure that students develop perseverance to never give up when faced with difficulties.

Assessments and Evaluation

Our students will be given actual examination questions for practice, small quizzes, test and mock exams. Your child will be given personalised feedback on areas for improvement frequently.

Structure of Weekly Tuition Class

Our weekly tuition lessons are structured to build strong foundation and focus on in-dept mastery of every topic.

The structure of our lessons can be represented by the phases in building a house.

Phase 1: Introduction of New Topic (Building Foundation)

  • Clear and concise explanation from teachers with our own teaching materials prepared from years of teaching experience.

  • Structured basic questions to build up concept and technique for each individual topic

Phase 2: Concept Reinforcement (Laying the Bricks)

  • Carefully crafted questions that requires more complex steps and thinking skills to solve

  • Strengthening the concept of the topic

  • Allow our tuition students to familiarise with different type of questions from the topic

  • Develop our tuition students' processing and logical thinking skills

Phase 3: Content Mastery (Furnishing and Interior Design)

  • Exposure of higher-order-thinking type of questions to our tuition students

  • Development of application skill of our students

  • Connection of current topic with other topics

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