The Old Man and A Wheelchair

Every morning, I go for a morning jog. For years I have been doing this, and for years I have seen the benefits of the said morning exercise. For some time, the jog was as simplistic as you would expect. The monotony of jogging, the trees, the fresh air, the morning cold. The very same things you would expect to see when running in the morning.

It wasn't until another day that I stumbled upon a man, and the entire experience changed my perspective on life and how I think we all should handle the misgivings that life hand to us. Recently, I was jogging in a park a couple of blocks from my house.

Typically, at that time in the morning, I expected to see only a few other runners doing their morning exercise. To my amazement, however, I saw a man in a wheelchair, embarking on the onerous task that was to push the wheelchair all by himself.

I do believe that chivalry isn't dead, as so is offered to help the man navigate around the park to where he was going. To my surprise, the man declined my offer. He would have taken the easier route by sitting in the wheelchair. Instead, he chose to push it.

It was hard to believe this, first because he seemed to be straining a lot pushing himself, and second, because he was moving at such a slow pace, it was fair to think that he would be there the whole day. I was amazed by the gentleman’s shear determination to do something that seemed so hard.

I parted with the man and continued with my exercise, but for the rest of the day, I couldn't help but think of the man. The following morning, as is my custom, it went for a jog in the same park, and to my amazement, I found the same man, this time having less of an arduous time than the day before, but you could still see that he was straining a bit.

This is the phenomena that changed my whole perspective on human life, and how we should never give up when embarking on even the most difficult of courses. Even if you have problems with math, do not give up on trying to improve your problem-solving skills. Math tutoring can be of great help.

As humans, it seems as though our default setting is to expect that something huge will happen and solve all our problems. Instead of working towards the greater goal, we seem to differ from the actual process of problem-solving to the intricacies and mysteries of the world.

The only way we can solve our problems is through steady and consistent behaviour, meaning that we should push and never quit, regardless of how difficult something seems. As you embark on your journey for learning Mathematics or anything in life, you will find that numerous problems are facing you, literally and metaphorically. All you need is a diehard spirit and motivation that can only be quenched when you achieve the thing you had initially purposed to do.

As you go through your journey in learning Mathematics, understand that the success or failure you attain at the end is solely up to you, and the only way to make sure that you are successful is to never give up.

Ayassa Chua,

Mathematics Tutor/Ex-school teacher


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