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Math is Difficult 数学は難しい

March 2, 2018


A lot of secondary students would say,

"I wish they could give me primary school questions." ,

"I hate math.",

"I don't understand math, it makes no sense to me...."


I am sure everyone experiences the pain in learning in certain phase of our lives but what is different is the 'level of pain' experienced by the individuals. Of course, everyone was born with different abilities. Some people are better in sports while others are better in Science. There are no ways in which we can measure how much pain each individual Is experiencing while learning the same thing. 


However, one thing for sure is if one perseveres and endure the pain in the process of learning, things will become easier for the person ultimately. This is the reason why a secondary school student will find it easier to do a primary or even a nursery mathematics questions. This is because the secondary school student has already gained the knowledge and skill to do it, but looking back in time when the same student was in primary or nursery school, he would probably feeling the same way as what he is feeling currently, "I don't understand math..."















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